Tecnora Cremiere 106A – Fully Automatic Espresso Coffee Maker

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  • Makes two coffees at a time.1250 watts power rating.Additional hot water spout to make tea or long coffee or premix soups. Serves functions of hot water kettle and coffee machine in one.
  • Uses ground powder from coffee beans – taste different types of coffee from all over the world.Includes extra stainless steel filter sleeve for coffee pods.
  • 4 preset options for strength of brew – ensures you get the perfect coffee every time.
  • Fully Automatic : One touch buttons for coffee flow. Pours exact amount of coffee every time. Stops automatically once the brew is ready.
  • 2 Year Warranty

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The fully automatic espresso maker is more than an espresso coffee maker, it is a complete hot beverage machine. Part metal and part plastic body, the cremiere is the coffee connoisseur’s final choice. Micro computer controlled dosage ensures perfect results every time. Additional hot water spout to add water to your espresso shot for long coffee or to prepare tea or even premix soups. Powerful Italian pump for extracting full coffee flavor, guaranteeing you the complete café experience in your own home. This a single head espresso machine with a single thermoblock that switches between two temperatures for brewing coffee (80 degrees) and preparing steam (90 degrees). Unlike other steam boiler machines, the thermoblock ensures correct temperature setting for your coffee and will not over heat or burn your coffee. For the coffee aficionado in search for the perfect espresso shot, we also provide a bottomless portafilter basket on request and sold separately. The portafilter basket provided with the machine is pressurized and can hold coffee powder for two shots of espresso. Also included is an additional insert basket for coffee pods.The thermoblock can generate powerful steam to froth milk. An additional panarello wand is provided to assist in frothing. We do not recommend the Cremiere for commercial use ! If you’re thinking of starting a small café, please look for a commercial espresso machine.


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